Monday, April 6, 2015

Seeing freedom on scrap pieces of papers

(This I managed to imagine while having a headache)

I like my sketchbook quite so much!
Yet it is a mind box for me sometimes.
How do artists have perfect sketches on every page?
What if I made another bad page.
Do I have to finish this book before I attempt another perfect sketchbook?
 If only I can put those thoughts and insecurities aside, and come to terms with my weak days and what I could work on.
Maybe I operate differently from people who already have clear complete pictures in their heads before they put it on paper.
Maybe I suck.
Right now I have to try embracing the idea of 
my realistically flawed sketchbook. 

The pictures below are drawn with references. The specky flawed one is a life-drawing of myself.

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